Radio Sonar

Autumn 2019

Radio Sonar is Solent University’s very own student run radio station. Back in Autumn 2019, the president approached me with the need for a complete website redesign, modernising the layout and making the radio station appear more professional for prospective students. Full of excitement, I quickly jumped upon the opportunity as one of my first large scale freelance gigs. Utilising WordPress alongside the plugin Elementor, I created a website that ensured future content and updates could be carried out without the need of a designer or developer, as this was something the client was particularly keen to accomplish. 

Many challenges were faced throughout this project, particularly with it being my first professional freelance client. I had a steep learning curve not only with Elementor, but with WordPress as well. Utilising my free time to research these areas and watch countless tutorials, I became very confident in using these tools to create a website that I am still proud of to this day. 

What would I change? As you likely know, with time comes hindsight and growth, and this project is no exception. The design for this website has some flaws, such as the social media icons being different colours to their original brand colours. This is something I would now push to keep the same, in order to make these icons more recognisable and user friendly. Another big learning opportunity was with the client. They have since gone onto the website and updated some sections, however with that they have also broken the design. Unfortunately the client hadn’t purchased a maintenance package with me to keep their website up to date, and didn’t have the funding for me to return to the project and fix any issues that arose. I have avoided this issue with future clients by ensuring the website content can be updated much easier using Advanced Custom Fields, as well as offering a more detailed maintenance package ensuring that if issues to arise, I am able to go in and fix them quickly.