Business South - Succeed In The South

Autumn 2020

A project now in its final stages, Succeed in the South has been an absolute pleasure to work on. Hired within a team of five among graphic designers and copywriters, with the role of Web Developer, it has been my task to take the amazing designs created and bring them to life on a WordPress website. This has been achieved using one of my new favourite WordPress plugins, Divi from Elegant Themes. 

This project has definitely not come without its challenges, but the knowledge it has given me has been rich. Working in a team, time management and communication skills were a must, particularly during a global pandemic when it was all conducted remotely. Taking the initiative and creating a Slack group to ensure the team are all able to communicate effectively proved extremely beneficial for organising the project. When working in a team, it is expected that some people may fall behind or fall out of the loop with communicating, so taking on a leadership role I took it upon myself to ensure I caught up with all team members when needed, scheduling in extra one to one zoom meetings to bring them back in the loop and help them meet their deadlines.